Through a Supply Side Platform our displays are instantly available with clients having the ability to use audience and location data to test potential impact at certain times or days of the week. This transparent model allows for more flexibility and detailed campaigns.

Pairing with a Demand Side Platform, advertisers can book space on the network immediately. Purchased on a cost-per-thousand impression rate, content gets sent to our displays giving customers a complete insight into audience reach.

Booking campaigns programmatically also allows clients to combine our DOOH network with other advertising channels using the same Demand Side Platform. This offers more flexibility in targeting their chosen audience.


63% of media planners would be more likely to recommend DOOH when it is available to buy programmatically

Source: Deloitte, 2018


DOOH in an omnichannel campaign drives 4x more online activity per ad dollar spent than TV, radio, or print alone

Source: Nielsen, 2018


It has been shown that DOOH can boost mobile click-through rates by up to 15%

Source: Magna & Rapport, 2019