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Who we are

It’s important to us that our culture of innovation and original thinking is carried through to all outputs at Orb from campaign results to client relationships. We believe that approaching each project with flexibility in a collaborative way will deliver the best results for us and our clients. We’re results driven, providing in-depth audience analytics and ad campaign performance tracking. Our team works directly with you to create and deliver original and exciting brand messages to those on the beat. Created in 2013, we have always prided ourselves on doing things first. Pre-digital, our founder spent over a decade building a network of sites with just posters and sellotape, facilitating the advertisement of Dublin’s cultural heart - music, theatre and the arts. This set the foundations of our genuine understanding surrounding what makes a poster work. It was hard to fathom at that time, although often day-dreamed about, that mere paper posters would become engaging digital content that could be changed and updated remotely. When that time did eventually come, Orb was at the forefront - proudly becoming the very first movers in the Irish market to develop and install Ireland’s first digital network.

With our roots deep in the arts, our team has grown to include creative, like-minded individuals, passionate about film, theatre and music. We are not afraid to venture into the wild in pursuit of bigger waves or higher mountain tops. We have formed a special tribe who like to think consciously and offer a positive contribution to the world and above all else, we have become a close group of friends.

This slightly non-traditional undercurrent drives us to assess and improve all aspects of our service offering. We’re inspired by the integration of tech at all levels, we see huge potential in what adTech offers the DOOH industry and the increased efficiency, audience targeting and attribution it brings. At the same time, we are aware and awake to how fast things are moving and feel it is our responsibility to provide honest examination in both cause and effect.

Our aim at Orb is to harness the deep learning we continue to acquire in the DOOH space and to bring a meaningful, beneficial element to our outputs. Now more than ever, we are looking to leverage our network for positive purposes - we punctuate our ad loop with art, geometry and messages of encouragement. Don’t hesitate to chat to us about this if you want to know more.

Our Team

Geoff Fitzpatrick


Callum Mathieson


Mark Dockeray

Creative Director

Aga Mendrychowska

Executive Assistant

Jef O Riordan

Technical Director

Marita Ljubic


Darragh Fitzgerald