Multi Screen

Our network integrates with mobile and desktop channels enabling the communication of cohesive brand messaging that doesn’t stop with DOOH.

Merge the online and offline world to connect with audiences in a creative way - we can set up geofencing around each display to understand audience viewing patterns, adding mobile targeting to support and reinforce this.

A robust digital advertising strategy should consider digital display, search, social media and now DOOH as the most powerful combination of campaign delivery.


DOOH combined with social media messaging, lifts foot traffic by an average of 68%.

Source: Nielsen, 2018


When OOH formats are added to the media mix, return on ad spend increases by 40% for search

Source: Benchmarking 2018, Social: Nielsen 2018, Mobile: Ocean Neuro Insights


Integrating DOOH can increase reach by as much as 303% when added to mobile or web messaging.

Source: Posterscope 2013