Our networks deliver impact and an enhanced out of home experience to people on the move.

Our networks of DOOH formats in the country’s main cities Dublin, Cork and Galway are made up of high impact streetside displays supported by our in-bar units. Plug in as part of your wider media campaign or create a tailored solution to connect with audiences on the go. Our cross-platform capabilities and clever technology mean your message is delivered in a consistent, engaging way.

Streetside Network

Full motion and high definition video ad formats that face out into the street, connecting with audiences as they travel undistracted through the city.

Our display units are weaved throughout the busiest bars, restaurants and venues across Dublin, Cork and Galway. The audience we reach is incredibly diverse, including a wide range of people as they navigate their way around town. We combine full motion formats with high footfall bringing brands right into the heart of happening urban hotspots.

‘2.5x more engaging’

Our displays are 2.5 times* more engaging than static digital formats offering more impact and a totally unique way to reach audiences on the move.

Source: Neuro-Insight UK’s

In-Bar Network

Positioned inside pubs all over the country, our in-bar network takes advantage of longer dwell times within the social community by delivering extended, high impact ad formats.

Due to the onset of a global pandemic, we move into an uncertain future for Irish bars and these displays offer a unique opportunity to connect with individuals through helpful, informational content that can be amended in real time.

‘brands can tell their story in a longer, more engaging way.’

Our aim with the in-bar network is to provide a seamless experience for customers which comes across as a natural, right fit. Our units are tailored to each venue, ensuring the screen size and brightness fit the atmosphere.

Location Map

Find the right format to reach your target audience.

Streetside In-Bar

Now you know where, find out how.