Content Triggering

Only want to deliver content when footfall is high or make an impact when the streets are quiet? We use instant detection to trigger content for specific audiences.

Content is triggered once an assessment has been made of the collective audience in the moment, footfall is analysed and tailored content delivered. This allows brands to connect with audiences on a more personal and relevant level as well as allowing for a more effective use of campaign budget.

Through the use of location and audience data we can identify the audience and where they are in the city. We align this knowledge with the campaign objectives to ensure the right combination reaches the right people. Our in-depth analysis allows targeting to be done in real time or segmented by historical data, I.E. the best performing hour, day or weekend. We understand consumer patterns and behaviours at different points of the city and ensure ad spend is focused where content will best connect with a particular audience in line with the campaign brief.