Dynamic Campaign

Our campaigns include dynamic features as standard, allowing creative to adapt depending on the environment or whether certain conditions are met using data sources.

Change your campaign content depending on weather conditions, traffic speed, social media activity, pollen count, sports results or much more.

Dynamic ad campaigns can improve key metrics like engagement or brand recall, providing relevant content to an active audience. Campaigns can be designed so content only plays when certain environmental triggers are met or a series of content versions can be created that automatically interchange based on environmental changes, ie. content A for low humidity and content B for high humidity. Each of these respond to their unique locations to further enhance context.


Studies show that campaigns that use contextual creatives are 48% more effective than those that use non-dynamic*

Source: Postercope between 2015 -18


Brand spend on dynamically-enabled campaigns represents just less than 8% of Digital out of Home campaigns.

Source: Postercope between 2015 -18


Research shows spontaneous ad awareness is 17% higher when using dynamic content.

Source: eMarketer 2020