Audience Targeting

Our clever tech predicts where your target audiences will be and the optimal way to reach them. This allows for more personalised campaigns that resonate with the viewer. Create content specific to each audience group and we’ll deliver the appropriate message in the right place, at the right time

Audience Reach

Our streetside network that faces out into the busiest streets across the country has a wide audience reach with profiles including those out socialising, shopping, commuting or exploring the city.

Our granular audience segment analysis digests the audience, providing metrics across the network regarding footfall and dwell time as well as real time metadata for audiences in our hotspot Dublin locations.

Our in-bar network focuses on a more refined audience, providing targeting abilities to those out socialising, relaxing, dancing and watching sport.

Bespoke targeting

Through the use of location and audience data we can identify the audience and where they are in the city. We align this knowledge with the campaign objectives to ensure the right combination reaches the right people.

Our in-depth analysis allows targeting to be done in real time or segmented by historical data, I.E. the best performing hour, day or weekend. We understand consumer patterns and behaviours at different points of the city and ensure ad spend is focused where content will best connect with a particular audience in line with the campaign brief.